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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

@Huwbeanie wrote:

Thanks both @licquorice abnd @Keith_Beddoe 

There appears to be no spare ports in the ONT when I flipped the door open, so can only assume (!) that it's all hooked up already.

Famous last words I suspect....

This may help

It shows where the LAN port is on the ONT.

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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

@licquorice see picture below - looks like the ONT is connected - not sure what the other grey cable is doing.  No idea where the other end of the connected cable is in the house yet!  @pompey1898 yeah so I've heard  (p.s. good choice of footie team)20190327_194152.jpg

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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

The one on the right is the Ethernet feed from the ONT, so the socket that its plugged into, will go to the room that you want the home hub to be in,

The other grey cable I suspect is just a temporary looping cord used when the cabling was tested.

It looks to me that you have four Ethernet connections on that plate, going to different parts of the house, so it actually possible to put the home hub next the the ONT, and connect the four ports on the home hub, to those four sockets, if you want an Ethernet connection in each room.

It looks like the builders have done a good job, and have also connected the fibre voice phone line into the phone socket.

You have plenty of options there.


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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

Thanks @Keith_Beddoe  - finally something they have done quite well 😉

So if I were to connect the hub next to the ONT, I'd take the dark grey cable out of the wall socket and plug it in to the WAN socket in the Hub, then just connect back out via ethernet to each of those ports in the wall?

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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

Yes, but I think the FTTP version of the hub only has 3 LAN sockets.

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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

Fair enough - we shall see when it gets delivered.  I'll report back once it's all installed in case anyone else has the same Q


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Re: FTTH & Media Plate / extensions [new build]

Hi all,
Appreciate I’m picking this up long after you finished discussing it, I’ve got a similar set up apart from the fact my builders didn’t bother fitting the Ethernet faceplate or a phone connection. Just a blank with 4 cat5e cables behind it. They also seem to have connected phone sockets throughout the house rather than ethernet(?) to those cables can I run Ethernet down them to the existing sockets or will I need to change the faceplates throughout the house? Thanks for your help
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