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FTTP Activation

I am due to move in to a new build 19th March. I cannot order broadband until lender released money due to BT doing credit checks when you apply and i should avoid anything credit related until after completion.


But, my question is....

The ONT is installed and the correct lights flashing, how long will it take to activate from ordering as it won't need a engineer visit and its already connected as solid PON light.



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Re: FTTP Activation

Which light on the ONT is Flashing if it has a Solid PON, if no Router is connected then the only Lights that should/can be on are the Power Light, which should stay Solid and the PON Light, which may be Flashing and or Solid.

In regards to how long it’ll take to complete your Order that’s something you’ll have to wait for BT to confirm when you place it as it can vary.

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