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FTTP Buffering problem

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Buffering Issue with FTTP

For the last couple of months I have been experiencing buffering issues with my broadband and have been rebooting everything (router and ont) every couple of days.

If you run a basic speed test everything looks fine , but if you open youtube / facebook / ebay / etsy etc your get grey placeholder squares instead of the images. The time it takes to load the images gets worse and after a few days you have to reboot everything again.

If you want to stream netflix or prime they buffer even on low quality and even spotify buffers once the broadband has been up for a few days.

Hangouts or Zoom is a no go 

You can forget playing online (which I used to and why I chose FTTP ) as the lag can even be measured in seconds !

I’ve had the same setup for nearly 3 years and everything was fine until a couple of mounths ago.

(I used to get 7-11ms now I get around 60ms at best with over 200ms being my average)

I’ve done the online chat and made two calls at over an hours to the broadband support team trying out different tests which has finally resulted in having an engineer visit.

The engineer arrived this morning, ran some tests , and I showed him the problems.

His diagnosis is the ONT maybe faulty as he has seen it before causing problems with the BT TV service, unfortunately when he called to book a replacement the operator said that as the speed test was good they would not authorise a replacement.

PC’s (1 dual boot win 10/Ubuntu 20  –  1 win 8  –  1 ubuntu 18) , Sony android  TV , Xbox One , are all hardwired to a netgear gigabite switch.
Wifi - Ipad , samsung tab a , nokia phone , motorola phone 

I normally have a Linksys EA9500 router connected, but I have tried BT Homehub 4 , BT Homehub 5, BT Smart Hub 2, Linksys EA6350 and Linksys E4200.  The issue is on all devices connected regardless of which router is currently connected.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can try next to get this resolved?



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Re: FTTP Buffering problem

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Did you resolve this issue? I have recently started having the same problem, but can't seem to find a fix.

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Re: FTTP Buffering problem

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Sorry for not updating this post, 

after trying to get BT to fix this I decided to switch supplier.

new supplier came out ran some tests, agreed with the BT engineer that the ONT was faulty, replaced it and everything is back to how it should be.

even though all the network and cabling are the same, BT still kept saying there was nothing they could do.  

so yes it’s all fixed, but it took leaving BT to get it sorted!


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Re: FTTP Buffering problem

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Thanks for the update. I only upgraded 6 weeks ago, for the first 2 weeks all was good. They are trying to say it's something on my WiFi/too many devices. But my old 35mb service never had a problem!

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