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FTTP - Fibre 500 - Sudden drop is speed to 250Mb

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We'd been on FTTP Fibre250 for couple of months and been getting around 300Mb download.

We regraded to Fibre500 May 4th and download speeds have been great around 510Mb download.

However, noticed this morning that around 4am the hub had reset the clock on the Network Uptime and our speeds to the hub are ranging from 210 to 300. When we called the BT FTTP team the first person we spoke to said because their speed test showed 250Mb we're getting the guaranteed minimum and they cannot help unless we were on Fibre900 where the minimum is 450Mb download.

Speeds are from the exchange to the hub, not wireless.

So, we've regarded to 900 and are now waiting for it to start tomorrow even although it's a bit of a false economy.

ONT has been turned off/on, hub rebooted and then factory reset.

btwholsale speed test ranges from 1200Mb download to 400Mb but hub speed tests are always ranging from 210 to 300 when before it was a constant 510Mb. Upload speed has also dropped from 77Mb to 50Mb.

Has anyone seen anything similar, or have any technical advice?

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Re: FTTP - Fibre 500 - Sudden drop is speed to 250Mb

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Regrade to 900 resolved the download speed issues, now experiencing the upload limit of 51Mb which seems to be a known issue.

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