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FTTP Install - Engineer Visit Status Changed - Possible Delay?

Hi everyone,


I'm due to have FTTP installed tomorrow 08:00-13:00. Up until last night the order tracker has stated an engineer was booked for this installation slot.


However, I checked the tracker last night and the appointment information had changed to: 


Your broadband engineer appointment is booked in for Wednesday 12 August 2020 between Default. Change date. See below for full details.

Engineer visit
for Broadband
Status: Requested

We need to check everything is ok with your order before we can commit to this appointment slot.


I thought this change was just a placeholder until Openreach gave me a ring to confirm tomorrow's appointment, so I've given them the day to get in touch but haven't had a phone call as of yet, and I'm now not expecting one prior to the originally-given install date as it's now almost 8pm the day before.

Is the above just a standard order tracker change, or is it likely that I'll have no Openreach visit and FTTP install tomorrow? I haven't had an email or phone call from BT saying my appointment is cancelled - is this any indication things will still go ahead?


Many thanks! 🙂

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Re: FTTP Install - Engineer Visit Status Changed - Possible Delay?

Had you posted here earlier we could have given you the number of the FTTP team so you could confirm. Now you'll heve to wait until tomorrow.  0800 587 4787

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