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FTTP Install


Query regarding available speeds with FTTP.

My street recently had FTTP installed and I have had mine ordered and installed with no problems at all, 300mb download and 50mb upload speeds.

Here is the strange thing..... street has even number from 2-44 and odd 1-39 opposite sides of the road. On the dsl openreach checker houses 2-30 and 1-13 have access to 1000mb download and 220 upload while the remainder of the houses 32-44 and 15-39 are showing as 330mb download and 50 upload (myself included).

I did have a word with a BT guy who was doing a first part external fibre connection to one of my neighbours the other day and he thought it was all  very odd as the whole street should be gigafast (he pointed to his signage on his protective barriers 'gigafast coming to this street' and laughed) he had no idea but saw no reason as to why that would be the case.

Anybody any ideas ?? It's not really an issue as my speeds are great and stable but it's more an out of interest post! (Also with the new structure of the packages I should be getting 500mb download speeds for the same price i am paying now for the 300mb)


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Re: FTTP Install

Give the FTTP team a ring they'll be able to help you. 0800 587 4787

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Re: FTTP Install

So after a phonecall to the number provided they have said that it is down to Openreach and as far as it's showing in the system 300mb is the fastest i can get at the moment (was never disputing that anyway). They spoke to the Fibre team and they are saying it's down to Openreach to update and they dont know why the street is like it is as per the above message! Not really sure where to go with it now to be honest, probably just sit it out and see if anything changes over the next few months!

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Re: FTTP Install

Issue has finally resolved itself and the full fibre 900 is now showing as available.

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