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Re: FTTP - Installation Missed - New Build

@John25Roberts wrote:
'The developer installlst the ducts and the EZ Bend cable (from CSP to ONT). Openreach then install the fibre to the CSP and site the ONT.'

Come again? How can the Developer install the EZ Bend from the CSP to the ONT and then Openreach install the Fibre to from the CSP to the ONT?!?!?
Openreach install the fibre to the CSP and site the ONT

Anyhow you're wrong. Openreach install all the cabling and ONT. The Developer just builds the Duct and Joint Boxes. Same with Copper, once the Developer lays the ducts Openreach or their Contractor Carillion do the cabling and jointing.
I guess the document must be completely wrong then!!


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Re: FTTP - Installation Missed - New Build

@licquorice I guess he didn't even bother reading it. However to assist him I will post this quote from the handbook.


"The developer must run the EZ Bend cable in a continuous length and it must remain free from any damage that could reduce the lifespan of the cable.

Two metres of cable is required at each end of the installation. It should be left coiled and housed/protected within a flush mounted double back box and faceplate ready for Openreach provision of CSP and ONT nearby"


And for the OP


"Developer understands that NO orders can be made or taken via a service provider until all installation works of Openreach equipment to each plot has been completed, tested, commissioned and left connected to a permanent 240 volt power supply"


As the developer clearly hasn't done this then IMHO it is the developer at fault.

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Re: FTTP - Installation Missed - New Build

Hi John,

Thanks for this information, so to confirm openreach could fairly easily come and fit the fibre restrospectively using the existing copper ducts?
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