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FTTP - Intallation and cabling questions

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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (I did a search, honest 🙂 ) but I finally have a date for FTTP in my area and an installation date for next month. For those forumites/Mods etc. who recognise me and have known of my FTTC woes of 20MB, you will know how momentous a day it is for me to be getting full fibre.
My question is around where I can have the ONT box installed. I no longer use the main phone line and am mobile only. The master socket serves the router only which it situated in the internal garage - effectively a dead zone for wi-fi signals to get out.

As a result, i need to run extension to connect to power socket and also use extenders to get the signal around the home. So effectively, the master socket will become null and void after install since we won’t use the phone line.
So long story short, when having the ONT installed, can the engineer run the cable externally from where it comes up from the black tube coming out of the ground, along the side of the house and then make a different entry point so as to have it in my living room (same side as original entry point) - distance from ground tube to preferred location would be < 5 metres. As i have an open plan home, this would get much better coverage out of the router than if it were to stay where the old one currently is.

Additionally, do they need access to the master socket at all? I have some basic plastic shelving (with it being a garage and all) that currently sits in front of the socket with the router sitting on top, but if i don't need to move this, it would be welcome news.


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Re: FTTP - Intallation and cabling questions

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Yes, its possible for the ONT to be sited in your living room with the cable being run externally. It will need a power socket though. Just talk to the engineer on the day. There shouldn't be any need to access your master socket.

PS You need to brush up on your search techniques, this has been covered multiple times 😀

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Re: FTTP - Intallation and cabling questions

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Maybe just over excited lol about the pending install next month.
I knew i was missing it so appreciate you covering the topic again 😉 Thanks Licquorice
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