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FTTP KN Networks what a bad job

Waited 3 months for FTTP. Bought  Halos 3 Plus got fttp with it in Feb. KN Networks arrived Tuesday 4th May, what a mess!

Waiting from Feb, really bad job, cable from pole was installed in March, thats was great job, fibre cable with small copper cable attached, perfect. "Engineer" arrived on Tuesday 4th May, what a mess, left old copper cable, had to explain to him what to do!, tied cable attached to new fibre cable outside my house wrapped in insulating tape and stuffed it behind main feed cable, was meant to remove old landline cable and attach small copper cable on new fibre cable inside nice new openreach grey box! also not happy at bare wires left 2 inches from gas main pipe into my house, poor. LOS light on surprise surprise, must say BT very polite and helpful, cant get it fixed because its an open order and cant report fault because its an open order, waiting on resolution!

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Re: FTTP KN Networks what a bad job

How were you able to explain what to do when it is obvious you don't know. The copper cable is normally untouched and the one attatched to the fibre cable disgarded, the only reason that twin fibre cable was used as it was still in stock.

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Re: FTTP KN Networks what a bad job

The existing Copper Line has to remain in place as people still have to be given the option of taking up service with a Provider that still uses a Metallic Path and does not resell Openreach’s FTTP Service.

There are plans in place that once an Exchange Area becomes FTTP Only, as in Openreach will no longer accept orders on it for Metallic Path Services the Installation Engineer will also be given a Copper Cease Task as well as the FTTP Provision where he/she will remove the Copper Line at the same time.

As for the untidy job the KN Contractor did, unfortunately to bring FTTP in at a cost Openreach have reversed their Quality over Quantity Practice in favour of Quantity over Quality. 

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Re: FTTP KN Networks what a bad job

@Starwire Had the OP not insisted on the existing copper being replaced the job wouldn't have been as messy.

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