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FTTP ONT and using own Router/Modem

Hi, I've tried searching the forum for an answer and have seen varaints of my question but not sure anyone has had the exact same question.

I am moving to a new build property at the end of the month which will have FTTH avaiable. The developer has confirmed that there will be an ONT present when I move in.

I have a router that I use currently (no modem within) it's an Asus RT-AC3200.

My question is - does the ONT act as the WAN interface and can I plug the RT-AC3200 into the ONT or would I need to also connect the hub I get with the order?

Keen not to have 3 boxes ONT>BT Hub>RT-AC3200 if possible.

Thanks for any help with this


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Re: FTTP ONT and using own Router/Modem

The ONT acts like a modem so you can just plug your router into it with the WAN port.

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