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FTTP ONT install: Ladder use?

Hi all. Pending install and scratching my head.
I understand (now) that no proximity to any existing phone socket is needed. Power is needed for the ONT (and router obviously)

I specified to be present for the external install but open reach/bt went ahead without me - a week and a half ahead of the scheduled date because 'they were in the area.'

I wanted to be there because of the lack of power anywhere near potential ONT locations. I wanted to explain this. I'm now facing a real issue. If they can't do what I need I'll be losing internet altogether. This is not ok.
I've explained numerous times to BT customer help but they seem unable to align with the install team.

If the installation engineer can climb a ladder I'm ok. I live in a 3 storey house. I need the ONT location on the second floor. About 15 ft above ground level.

Does anyone know if this is possible. Will health and safety get in the way?

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Re: FTTP ONT install: Ladder use?

You'd need to get BT to contact Openreach.
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Re: FTTP ONT install: Ladder use?

I've recently had FTTP installed.

My customer splice point is on an external wall near ground level.

My ONT is on the inside face of the same wall on my 2nd floor (approx. 12' above the CSP).

The engineer had a much longer length of fibre than he needed when he fit the ONT. Presuming it's a fairly straight run from CSP to ONT I think you will be fine.
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Re: FTTP ONT install: Ladder use?

Thanks for the encouraging words @airgun
That's good to hear.

@Webby. Not sure what you mean exactly. BT are not any help in this and my issue is, should the 2nd part of the install fail. I lose all internet. Had they appeared when they were supposed to, we could've discussed the problem and possibly averted the scenario whereby I lose my internet altogether. I'm not at fault here. 

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Re: FTTP ONT install: Ladder use?

If you are trying to deal with the "normal" support team you'll get nowhere. Ring the FTTP sales team and have a word with them.


0800 587 4787

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