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FTTP Problem

Hi, I live in a rural area of Scotland have been having a problem with getting FTTP. I know this is a BT retail forum and not an Openreach one, but my post involves both parties. 

Almost 2 years ago Openreach laid a fiber optic cable through the villages near where I live. Lots of people now have FTTP, but some of us are unable to order due to some bureaucracy. 

It is quite difficult to explain but, but about 100 properties on the route of the fiber optic cable are listed as being on one telephone exchange, but about 20 others on the route of the fiber optic cable are listed as being on a different telephone exchange. But they will only connect the houses on the telephone exchange with the 100 properties and they will not connect properties on our one with the 20 or so.

They have allowed one of the properties on our telephone exchange to get FTTP for some unknown reason, but they are not allowing the other 19 to connect to the cable. 

There are joint boxes to access the fiber optic cables right next to the properties, so we should be straight forward to connect to it.

We have been dealing with Openreach for 18 months and they have been difficult to deal with, they seem bureaucratic and rather than explaining things properly they have a Little Britain 'computer says no' style way of responding to things, which is quite unhelpful. 

They have told is that the problem is that because the r100 funding is distributed per telephone exchange they have not received funding to connect the 20 properties but have recieved it to do the 100 on the other exchange. They said that they won't connect us until they receive the r100 funding for the telephone exchange we are on which might not be until 2026.

It doesn't really seem to make sense to do the roll out by telephone exchange area because where we live the telephone exchange area does not really match with the geography. The telephone exchange we are is a huge geographic are and they will have to lay many miles of fiber optic cable, so it doesn't make sense to lump us in with other areas when we already have the fiber optic cable right next our properties and could be connected quite easily.

The joint box on the fiber optic cable is only about 15 meters from out house, we have tried saying to Openreach that we would put in the ducting ourselves most of the way from our house to the joint box and we would pay to be connected out of our own pocket but bizarrely they don't seem to even consider that. They keep telling us just to wait 5 years for the r100 funding.

Openreach said that our only other option was to try the BT Universal Service Obligation (USO) to see if they could help us get connected, but we contacted BT retail and they said that because we could get 4G signal they would only offer us a 4G option and could not help us with the FTTP.

Does anyone know if there is any way we could get BT help us progress an FTTP if we offered to pay the full cost of installation ourselves? 

We would like someone to give us a quote of what it would cost us to connect to the cable, but it seems impossible to get anyone to give us a quote, as we are so close to the fiber optic cable we don't believe it would cost that much, so wouldn't mind paying as it would be worth it to have good internet. 

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Re: FTTP Problem


The Openreach Community Partnership scheme would be one way forward.

Are you an existing BT Retail customer, if not, then this forum is not really the place to ask for advice?


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Re: FTTP Problem

Yes we are existing long term BT Retail Customers.

We have a Openreach Community Partnership in progress for about 18 months, but Openreach seem to have been ignoring it, they take weeks or months to reply to emails about it and are not very helpful.

I was asking here in case someone knew how if knew there was another way we could progress things through the BT Retail's Universal Service Obligation (USO) scheme.

Seems like the only way of progressing things might be with the help of BT Retail somehow, otherwise I think we will be waiting until 2026, because there will probably be no help from Openreach if things progress like they have in the last 18 months.
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Re: FTTP Problem

You don’t say what speed you get currently from ADSL/VDSL , but if it’s 10Mb or better , or a mobile signal can deliver 10Mb , then the USO won’t help, if under 10Mb, the timescales allowed can be upto 24months for the USO solution to be provided.


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Re: FTTP Problem

On ADSL/VDSL we get 2mbps download and 0.5 mbps upload.

On mobile we get about 40mbps download and 12 mbps upload.

It wasn't that long ago that they upgraded the telephone mast here so we only recently started getting the fast mobile signal.

I guess because we have fast mobile internet there is not much we can do with regards to USO. Looks like we will have to wait until 2026 to get FTTP.

The mobile signal we have at the moment is good but sometimes it can be unreliable, often I have seen it suddenly go slow at random. Having the FTTP would be better for many reasons, in that it would be more reliable and almost 1gbps speed.

Especially frustrating as we are so near to the fibre optic cable and our neighbours have FTTP, it is a case of so near yet so far.
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Re: FTTP Problem

I'd be very tempted to speak ever-so nicely to your neighbours, offer to pay half their bill and string a cat-6 cable between the houses. Or do the same via a wifi mesh.

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Re: FTTP Problem

You could check to see if FTTP on Demand is available. It is a bespoke product aimed at business users and can be  expensive. If it is available it would depend on how deep your pockets are and if there is a supplier in your area.

Use this link to check if FTTP on Demand is available.

 BT Broadband (

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Re: FTTP Problem

The Fibre Optic Spine Cable doesn’t necessarily come from either your Exchange or the other one.

It’ll come from a Head End Exchange that could be 80km away.

Also you mention about Openreach getting Funding. If the other Exchange was connected to FTTP as part of BDUK Funded Fibre then there are rules Openreach must follow regarding it.

I don’t know the exact specifics but I’m sure they’re  not allowed to extend the BDUK Funded Fibre until it has been formally adopted by them, which they can’t do until the BDUK has made back the money they’ve invested plus something like an Additional 25%.

Have you contacted the Digital Scotland of whatever it’s called to see if your Exchange is in scope to be upgraded/funded anytime soon?

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Re: FTTP Problem

As @Starwire  mentioned Digital Scotland is the best way to go. Use this form. 

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Re: FTTP Problem

Fyi that link may look dodgy but it's the same from the Digital Scotland website (get in touch section towards bottom of page)