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Re: FTTP Problems - 0.86Mbps down

Taking the full payment is what I'd expect - they can't quantify any redress until the problem is fully resolved.

My broadband went down briefly this morning (around 7am). I didn't have time to run any checks or investigate why, but it was back up about 20 mins later. I'll check my HH4 tonight as BT may have forced a restart for some reason.
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Re: FTTP Problems - 0.86Mbps down

I know, I'm just fed up after all these issues. 15 weeks is excessive. More worrying is that BT users are not now being effected but Plusnet are.


Might have to swap ISP's but that would mean that Plusnet would fight tooth and nail not to pay cash out to me. Just 2 more weeks and then I can send my official complaint to the ombudsman if it isn't sorted out.

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