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FTTP Retentions offer.

Hi I spoke with BT FFTP team today and was offered the standard stuff etc (worse than a new customer offer). My neighbours seem to have been offered much better deals than me and all I got rom the call handler was because of data protection they cant check if they are offfered better deals than me.


They have got Infinity 2 and line rental for 18months £32.50 and £30 on a 24month contract. They will only offer me Infinity 1 for £32.50 and are telling me its over £50 if I want Infinity 2 for 18 months.


Has anyone else had this happen to them and been able to get the same sort of deal? I know my neighbours have only been with BT the 12 months aswell.



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Re: FTTP Retentions offer.

Hi @irving93 you don't seem aware that currently bt is boosting the speed of infinity 1 to the same speed as infinity 2 for free, if the line can handle it, I would think you can with having FTTP already and being on infinity 2.


So you could  take the infinity 1 offer and feel smug over the neighbours that are paying for infinity 2 for no reason at all.


But you need to confirm that the speed boost will be offered to FTTP as bt has not mentioned that yet. 




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Re: FTTP Retentions offer.

Hi thanks for thr reply. Maybe this is why they are on the higher speed at the same price?


When I called they are pretty sure they cant offer the same price for infinity 2

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Re: FTTP Retentions offer.

I would have a go asking the Options team what they could offer   0800 800 030 .  They aren't a specialist FTTP dept but that shouldn't matter as you only want Infinity 1/2. You may have to ring several times as the operatives are very hit and miss as to what they offer you.


The speed boost should apply to Infinity 1 on an FTTP line as it is described for billing purposes "Infinity 1" not Infinity 1 on an FTTC or FTTP line and it is unlikely the BT billing computer differentiates it anyway but again you can discuss that with the Options team.

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Re: FTTP Retentions offer.

Options team just pass you over to the FTTP team as they cant access your account on the system.


Have tried twice with same result.

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