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FTTP Skype and all online chat issues and lag

Hi all,

Hoping for some support here s getting to the end of my teather.

I have FTTP infinity 330 down and 30 up. Also average ping of around 15 to 25ms. I'm experiencing terrible performance on Skype, Steam chat and other voice chat applications such as Discord. Also getting really bad lag with online gaming. I really do not understand how I can get choppy voice calls and laggy online gaming with this speed connection and fibre to the actual premises.

I've tried 4 different routers BT and non BT. I've tried various different computers and tablets without luck. I've replaced cabling and tested all links. Also tried removing all links to eliminate absolutely every possible cause.

After reading countless forums on other people's similar experiences with Infinity, I think it's safe to say this is BT's network balls up.
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