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FTTP - Smart hub 2 vs wifi 6 router (ping)

Hi just ordered fibre 900 its going live monday. I have a smart hub 2 arriving tomorrow.  Has anyone who has already upgraded to fibre 500/900 tested on smart hub 2 vs a wifi 6 router? (netgear rax40 / asus rt-ax58u or better) have an improved ping over the bt hubs? Is the upgrade worth it for me to spend £170 to have a nicer online gaming experience?

At the minute I have smart hub 1.0 with 3000mbps wifi 6 PCI-e adapter in my pc which is pinging the router at <1ms and I'm pinging google at 6-8ms. Getting 15ms in cod warzone on a uk server. 

I see people on hyperoptic getting 0-3ms  to google. Where are we losing out? Contention? Cable quality? Routing? Because it's not symmetrical up/down? Bt openreach network/pipelines/servers?

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Re: FTTP - Smart hub 2 vs wifi 6 router (ping)

I second this. Fibre 900 Service activates Monday router comes today. I get 2-4 ms on various Speedtest sites but 10-20ms on games

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Re: FTTP - Smart hub 2 vs wifi 6 router (ping)

Depends on the server quality and location. I can get 0ms ping from BT but will still get like 20ms ping on PUBG. 

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