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FTTP broadband contract renewal

Hi All,


I've been a customer of BT with a FTTP package for about 4 years. Every 18 months I call up, and they sort me out a deal which is always a discounted price.


I've called up twice in the last week to see if they can do anything, and they can't even match what is being advertised for new customers. I mean, I understand they can't do the 3 months half price, or the quidco offerings, however they won't even drop down the fiver to match the rate for new customers.


Is it just me, or are others experiencing that BT don't really care about loyalty any longer?



An almost ex-customer.

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Re: FTTP broadband contract renewal

That is saddening yes. At the very least, it should be the same price as the new customer price!
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Re: FTTP broadband contract renewal

The original post is over  a year old so must assume it was sorted as never posted back

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Re: FTTP broadband contract renewal

Thanks, yes,  BT gave in when I told them I was leaving.. It's sad that it depends on the customer service advisor you get when calling up, since some are really unhelpful, and others will do anything to get a happy customer!