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FTTP in finally in

After a year of knowing its coming and about 3 months of chasing cancelled orders and delays i finally got a phone call on Monday from the Openreach engineer to explain he was coming round to install FTTP


very nice chap who put my mind at ease when i queried that the external works for the CSP had not been done outside. he explained that i was on the new connecterized method which meant that its all done on one visit and no CSP will be installed (depite the emails from BT telling me otherwise)


The Engineer turned up and realised that he had to fit a new cable from the DP to the house which ended up needing a 105M reel (these come in set metres as they cannot be re-connected or spliced). The job took about 5 hours in total but the worst of it was getting the new line over every neighbours Drive way (some werent amused).


The cable was then ran along the botom of my wall and straight into a hole through to the new Modem on the wall the other side, the engineer had to drill through 18" thick wall but looks nice and tidy


i will upload photos later today but within 5 mins i was running at 314MB download and 31MB upload (when using a wired ethernet to pc) wifi on my phone tops out at 70mb but on mrs phone it topped out at 260mb)


Just to note. the connecterised method means you only get 1 fibre into the property and the cable includes a copper pair for phone for if you dont want to use Voice over fiber.


We live in a house with our inlaws in an annexxe and so he kept our existing 2 line copper aswell, He explained that normally he would cut the old copper line (i though he said he normally removes it too but cant recall accurately). he did laugh and joke that hopefully after all that cabling there was not a break that developed whilst installing. he said that he was lucky enough to not have it happen but said it is known to have happened quite a lot and as they have to finish the install they have often had to put another new fibre cable up or if time does not permit finish it the next day)


He did also explain that the Fibre may pass through your exchange but it doesnt actually come from my exchange in dobwalls, it comes form the headers in the exchange in Liskeard.


Learnt quite alot with speaking and observing the engineer all day and he was more than happy to point out things or show/explain hwo it all worked.


Photos to come but i hope this helps give an insight to those currently waiting as to what is involved and that it can all be done in one day ( i have noticed alot of people get concerned that the external works had been delayed or not installed and obviously this depends on if this is the traditional way or the new connecterized method)


Kind regards



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