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FTTP install - ONT near a radiator?

Hey all - I've been browsing the forum for a few days so please pardon any poor jargon usage!

I'm hoping to have the ONT installed in my hallway in a 765mm gap between a double socket and a small radiator in the hope I can hide the ONT and router behind an MDF radiator cover and powerline the net anywhere of merit.

Will the engineer be happy placing the ONT within that facility of the radiator?
Will being in that facility of a double socket and radiator affect performance?
Any tips for mounting the hub2 on a wall?

Context: The distance from my front door to the double socket is 1490mm and the "blue nylon rope poking out of the grey external plastic thing" is immediately outside the front door on the socket/radiator side, thankfully.

Regards, Chris

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Re: FTTP install - ONT near a radiator?

In the interest of keeping the equipment from over heating I would suggest that you do not place it next to a radiator and then box it in.

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Re: FTTP install - ONT near a radiator?

You do also realise the ONT can be placed on practically any outside wall (within reason) and not necessarily near where the cable exits the duct.

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