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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

This is a public forum, I am not about to explain to you or anyone else the difference between a photograph of something real and a guess

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

The openreach civils team have just unexpectedly been (after being told a survey would be required).

They pushed the rod through attempting to locate the blockage but it went straight through and they've roped it ready for the fibre team to return 🙂 

Not sure what happened last week when the original chaps came?! 

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

Perhaps they didn’t try hard enough.

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

A couple of chaps came this afternoon and pulled the fibre through 😁

Just had a look at what they've done and there's a small coil of twin black cable left popping out of the duct outside my house.

Will they fit a CSP on the outside or will this go straight into the ONT inside my house?

I've been told to expect a phonecall on Monday to arrange the internal install

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

Depends if the Engineer is what they call ‘Inside Out’ Trained or not.

Better they are because Field Fit Connectors are not fit for purpose and have a high failure rate.

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

Thanks... Not sure what you mean. If they are "inside out" trained then what will they do with the coil of fibre outside the door?
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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

Inside Out is just a term used by Openreach for the installation of FTTP using a CSP with Connectorised FTTP.

It’s to do with the length of time an installation takes. With Field Fit Connectors the ONT was the last thing you installed and with the external work taking anywhere upwards of 6+ hours (mainly rural areas with multiple overhead spans) it was a bit of an issue with some people having to stay in all day.

Also Field Fit Connectors have a high failure rate of 25%. So for every 4 you fit at least 1 will go faulty within 28 days. Field Fit Connectors were the little plug the Engineer would manually fit to the end of the Connectorised Cable that plugs into the ONT.

With Inside Out the Engineer fits the ONT first, feeds the Fibre EZ Bend Cable through the wall, fits a CSP and then does all the outside work.

Hence why it’s called Inside Out.

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

Thanks @Starwire that's helpful. That's a seriously high failure rate. Hopefully I'll get the inside out install!

I'll let you know how it goes. BT or openreach said they'll call on Monday to arrange it. Hip

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

I phoned BT this morning to see if now the fibre cable has been installed if the internal appointment I have which they pushed back all the way to September been be brought forward.

They're saying they can't change it and are dependent on openreach possiblyr and contacting me. It doesn't make much sense as I could in theory cancel the order now and start again and get a much earlier date than September.

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Re: FTTP install blocked ducts

I find myself in the same position with my installation date pushed out to November, though I'm still waiting for the dig team to turn up. What happened in the end for you? Did they bring the date forward? 

BT Full Fibre 900
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