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FTTP install in Flat

A question about the installation, I have been reading up on it and I'm not sure it refers to a house rather than a flat.

This is a bit I copied from bt's website "With Full Fibre installation we'll upgrade the master phone socket (the white box on the wall) and install an Openreach modem (ONT), which connects to the fibre optical cable that comes into your house"

We have had the fibre wiring put in, in the communal areas in our flat building and each have it outside our front doors ready, is this not brought inside our property then connected to the ONS, then the ONS connected to the router? Why do we need a new master socket, nothing connects to that now does it?


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Re: FTTP install in Flat

Its Openreach not BT that would do the work.

Once you place an order with a Service Provider, you should get more information from that provider.

This is a BT Retail customer forum.

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Re: FTTP install in Flat

I have placed an order with BT, i have an installation date of 27th May, I was sent a video from bt but that and all articles seem to relate to houses. 

Aren’t flats/MDU’s different ? 

Yes I realise it is Openreach that do the work and not BT

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Re: FTTP install in Flat

Wondering why this thread was moved to some random sub forum, why is it not suitable for the fibre thread? 

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