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FTTP profile resetting upload speed


As of the last week my fttp upload speeds have been locked to 10mbps from the usual 50mbps I have been getting before, the only fix I have for this issue is to disconnect the fttp modem and BT router from the socket, wait 15 seconds and replug them in.


Could anyone have a look into why my fttp profile seems to be resetting my upload speeds, Download speeds are fine at the 300mbps which im paying for.


Many thanks,


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Re: FTTP profile resetting upload speed

Have you tried phoning the FTTP team to see if they can help you 08005874787

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Re: FTTP profile resetting upload speed

So, a few days after this post I contacted the fttp team, they assured me the IT team had looked at my line, router for firmware etc. So apparently I was lead to believe the issue had been fixed. To my knowledge it had been and for a few weeks it was great, no drops in speed and upload was actually increased to 70+mbps.

Unfortunately a few weeks later this darn issue has reappeared and I would like some advice. Restarting the router fixes the issue for a day or so. Unplugging the Ethernet cable at either the PCs end or the routers end fixes the issue momentarily again of course. I have tried different cat6e cables to no avail.

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated before i have to contact the FTTP team again.

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