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Re: FTTP went from coming soon to no plans

FYI I am still stuck with no plans, have not been able to get hold of anyone on openreach. Pretty sure it's been over a year since the engineers were on site.

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Re: FTTP went from coming soon to no plans

Same here, the OR gang were here 15 months ago for 3 days clearing a route through trees and have not been seen since - blue rope still suspended. Meanwhile CityFibre is laying fibre outside as I write but on the other (wrong) side of the house and its only provider will be Vodafone.  I have BT FTTC and could have Virgin and Vodafone fibre (plus 5G).  Very urban area of Edinburgh.

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Re: FTTP went from coming soon to no plans

@Hillza @gspearson Only thing you can do is try contacting Openreach to ask.  They did respond to me and were fairly accurate in the time scale they gave me.  I think this is forum I used before:

I have heard stories of it taking 2 years from initial work and I also read an article recently, might have been ISP review where Openreach actually gave up mid install as the costs were more than they initially planned for.  A lot of it depends on if there is ducting in place already, access, permission etc.  If you are stuck on slower speeds and something like Virgin is available I wouldn't wait around for FTTP from Openreach.  Virgin isn't perfect but at least you have that option.  You can always move over to FTTP once it finally becomes available.

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