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We moved into our new build property 28th March... told to wait 2-3 days for the PON light to stop flashing and go solid... 8 weeks later we are still flashing, and unable to get internet. An engineer was meant to come out 2 weeks ago, in which I took a day off work for... yet no one shew up to then be told they lost my appointment and I have to wait another 2 weeks ... today’s that day and guess what, no one has turned up and we have to wait another 2-3 week for an engineer. What is the issue ?! My neighbours moved in last week and have there internet running within 24 hours. We are currently £700 out of pocket from days off work. And our phone bills for data is reaching £150 each !

What can I do?! It’s making me so frustrated
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so I moved into a new build house over 8 weeks ago, we were told to wait for the “PON” light to stop flashing and turn a solid green ...
Long story short

8 weeks later. PON light still flashing. No internet. Openreach were meant to send someone out 2 weeks ago but no one turned up as they “lost” my appointment, another 2 weeks passed and today the same thing has happened, they have “lost” my appointment.

Why can my next door neighbours who moved in a week ago have everything up and running, and we can’t get anywhere ?!?

Over £1000 in days off from work lost, phone bills of over £200 on data

This is ridiculous and I’m loosing my rag. Someone please help
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with FTTP BT have a dedicated number which you need to call 08005874787  they deal with all FTTP

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Long story short... 10 weeks later. Still no internet connection as we have FTTP and the “PON” light is flashing...

Here’s the issue
BT claim that openreach have a “systematic” problem meaning they can’t even book an appointment for an engineer to come out until the 27th July!! As you can imagine we are fuming as we’ve just been lied to for weeks on end... taking days off work for people to not show up etc. Over £600 in loss on extra internet data and days off...

To then be told it’s a problem in the “area” ... how!! When the properties either side of me both have internet via fttp and bt and had no issues at all! Just us!

Anyone had a similar problem?! This is killing us financially. I don’t understand how hard it is to get a technician out ?!?
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Re: Fttp

Unfortunately nobody on the forum including the forum moderators can help you with FTTP problems. 

Try  0800 587 4787 to contact the FTTP team directly. 

EDIT: I have noticed that you have already been advised of the above and have already started a thread so I have moved you onto it.

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