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FURY at BT billing....

Hi all,


Im furious with BT at the moment..rubbish service and over charging is driving me up the wall. I have 3 services with BT (Broadband, Vision & Phone package) and since signing up on supposed good deals I seem to be paying through the roof.


I called last week to try and get a better offer and was given a better line rental charge for the moment, and then was informed I could get a better deal for the other 2 services in a few months come renewal time. I spent quite some time on the phone to the lady, who assured me she would be making notes on my account (as I was already quite fed up by this point and considering moving all together asap) She also gave me the friends and family as an additonal free of charge she assured me.


Low and behold I get my bill....nothing has changed. So I ring up, 15 mins on hold and another 15 mins talking to a man who cant speak english...who says nothing stated on my account...then changes his tune to say actually the credit will go to my bank account (im pretty sure this is not correct) but then proceeds to accidentally cut me off.  ARGH!!! By this point ive had I drop BT an email complaint....


I get a reply today saying no such credit was on the account etc and offers me half what was agreed. I have now replied again to that as I had written the notes all clearly down following the phone call, also given time of phone call etc. 


Ive really had enough now...this offer was to keep my custom..but all Im having it yet more problems. And to be quite honest the BT vision replay isnt updated regularly and Im not exactly sure what I am paying so much for!


Also they keep upping my DD's to what I feel is too high and overall I feel im paying a shedload for not a fat lot.


Anyone else having these problems?...seems so from what I see on this forum

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: FURY at BT billing....

Hi Sadie27,

If you'd like me to look into this, please forward your information to with the details relating the deal you were offered over the phone and I'll get back to you.


Community ModeratorStephanie
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Re: FURY at BT billing....

Thank you Stephanie. I have sent you an email with a copy of the response I have sent to BT. I wrote down all the details of what was agreed when I phoned and so am really annoyed they are now saying theres nothing on my account to show this. The lady I spoke to at the time assured me a note was being put on the account and I have my call records confirming what time I phoned etc. I am most annoyed about the whole thing...offer an unhappy customer a deal to stay with BT....then pretend they haven't offered it.....madness! And very poor customer service all in all.


Would be grateful if you can sort for me.

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