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Fail to record FED UP

Our you view box always fails to record on BT sport, mainly moto gp WSB etc. So bloody annoying. What can we do about this???? Is there a fix for it?? I do not want to ring BT that are the worst for getting through to and I have a life so can’t be on the phone hours waiting for someone to answer
The box is 3 years old
Will someone please help
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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Hi @Samrob

It maybe worth doing an online chat, often much quicker Online TV Team

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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Thank you will try
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Re: Fail to record FED UP

I have been dealing with the chat line and tv box staff who sent an engineer yesterday to sort our Fail to record complaint.....he reset the box!!!!!!!!! Which we had already done!!!!! And guess what it failed to record on BTsport HD again , I have been on the Charline again for nearly an hour with no success apart from keeping me waiting for unacceptable lengths of time only to be told we will send another engineer!!!!!! I am furious with BT they are not supplying me with a service to which I pay
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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Oh and now i have been disconnected from the chat with no engineer sorted......please help
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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Hi @Samrob,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community.

I'm really sorry that you're having problems recording BT Sport on your BT TV box.  I appreciate the amount of time you have spent trying to sort this out.

You can send us over your details and we'll give you a hand from here.  Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link underneath my profile picture.



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Re: Fail to record FED UP

So someone called Carol rang about half an hour ago.....the phone rang twice then she hung up....then sent message saying I tried to contact you without letting the phone ring twice!!!!! But I haven’t heard anything from yourself
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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Hi @Samrob sorry that they didn't give you a chance to answer the call. I've checked and your details are in our queue. We have not picked up your case yet but one of the team should get to it later today. 


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Re: Fail to record FED UP

There are various reasons why it would fail to record the internet channels.

First question is how is the box connected to your router?

Secondly , are you able to watch the internet channels live without issue?

Thirdly, is it an issue with both SD & HD programs or just HD?

Reasons for failure could include:-

. Network card issues with the box.

. Poor ethernet cabling.

.Poor connectivity with powerline adapters , if you're using them.

. Unstable internet connection or low connection speeds. Some router stats would give an indication of this.

  The fact that the chat broke off might have been caused by  a flaky connection.

I think any break in connection could result in the box registering it as a failure to record.

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Re: Fail to record FED UP

Thanks for your reply. it is mainly the sportsHD channel and Motogp that tends not to record, i have looked on loads of forums now...including the MotoGP forum and loads of people have the same to will stop half way through a race or fail to record all together...all our other HD sites tend to record with no problem. If there is a recognised fault i just wish someone would hold their hands up and say so...if they are working on it then thay should say.

it just irritates me that we are paying for something that we are not getting...motogp for us is thereason we went for Bt again....

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