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Failed Home Move

So I’m writing today because I’ve have never been in such a frustrating and strange set of events with any service.

Essentially, I had requested a home move, COVID had prevented that from happening. I cancelled and it was all confirmed verbally, SMS and by email, yet my services were cut off still.

apparently there was some sort of breakdown in communication between a few different people and departments and the end results is my account being closed, no services linked to my original address and without a broadband connection. 

Yeah we called, we finally get a straight answer after the 5th person. There’s just a few things that are confusing me. I was lied to by nearly every agent that I spoke to besides the last one, paying full price for an account and service that didn’t exist. It just doesn’t make sense?

I have an engineer booked up for 15th of April to go to my switchboard to “try” to activate my line again as my partner and I are both key workers. there shouldn’t be any trying? Or even having to send one out? It was turned off quick enough so just do the reverse? It’s all confusing.
What can I do to get my service back..

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Re: Failed Home Move

Hi @Macualay97 and welcome.

I'm really sorry there's been such a mess with your homemove. Your best option is to wait for the engineer visit to complete. Once you get reconnected drop me your details and I'll check everything is in order. I've sent you a private message with information on how to get in touch.



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