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Failed home move

I booked my home move a month in advance  for last week. Email and text day before to confirm service would be up and running the next day. Nothing happened so phoned the next day to be told an engineer is booked and it would be done that day. Phoned again later that day when still nothing had happened to be told looks like someone ,may be the engineer, has cancelled the job so your home move is cancelled on the system.

we were then told as it was Friday now ,they wouldn’t be able to even start to raise another job until next Wednesday. Everyone we have spoken to have said they can’t do anything and even if it was escalated we would get the same answer. Leaving aside the fact that  we are now without broadband or phone for a week and counting there are some serious process issues here. No one at BT is empowered to actually to anything that will help without waiting for longwinded ineffective processes to run their course.
This is extremely frustrating and appalling customer service. Looking at twitter and forums this is not an isolated incident. I just want someone to actually do something to help now and stop pushing the problem down the line

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Re: Failed home move

If the engineer was a no show, that wouldn’t cancel the order , simply it would just need resourcing again, and would be a priority as it would have a failed date , if the order was cancelled , then obviously a new order would be needed , but the question presumably is, why was it cancelled in the first place.
Anything out of the ordinary ?, you say a home move, are you taking your number with you ?, if so is your new property and old property on the same local exchange ?, if not taking the number then that isn’t likely to be the issue.
As far as urging a replacement order, if it’s the providers fault , they can expedite a new order .

The industry is set up like this by a Ofcom, if it’s a rubbish system, blame them, you talk to a provider, they ‘employ’ a supplier ( Openreach ) to deliver the service, but OR cannot talk to you only the provider , and you cannot speak to OR only the provider , only the provider and a Openreach can speak to each other, even this has limits, this would be the case regardless of who you used , if the underlying network is OR, so when things go wrong getting to know why it went wrong isn’t as easy as it should be.

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Re: Failed home move

Still not resolved. In answer to your questions I’m transferring my number but will be in the same village in a road where there are BT broadband users already. BT phoned this morning to say they will hopefully confirm tomorrow that they will replace my order. They will not give any time frame as to how quickly it will be expedited from there and whether or not we will be prioritised. Is there anything else I can do to get this speeded up or am I at the mercy of a rubbish process?  I ‘ve genuinely never encountered this frustration and lake of customer service with any company in any sector.

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Re: Failed home move

Just a thought, but did the property you are moving into have someone in it , and they ( obviously) had to move out , before you could move in ?, assuming there was, did they have service themselves and if they did , had they advised  their provider that they were leaving ? , your order could fail if the person moving out didn’t tell their provider , and your order could  fail as there is no authority for you take over the ‘line’.

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