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Failure to save change to a static address

Another issue with my new 'Smart' Hub.


I have large number of devices on my network and in general it is easier to assign them a static IP address; port forwarding is easier, ssh connections are easier, etc. With my old hub I just told the hub to use the same address for some devices. With the new hub there is the same option but it fails to save my choice. 


So I go to the My Network screen on the hib and find my device. I set the always use this address option and save the change. But when I check the list of devices the change hasn't been saved. Restarting the device doesn't have any effect. It seems to be more prevalent for wired devices but not exclusively so. 


Are there any tricks or suggestions that will help?



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Re: Failure to save change to a static address

This is a known issue with all the home hubs.


You need to set the IP address on the device itself, outside of the home hubs DHCP range.


See this thread


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