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Fairly intermittent (most of the time) problem accessing server

I have three email BT email addresses I use regularly.  I can access them fine through web mail, but using a mail client I can't.


I'm using Outlook and Windows Live Mail on the PC (one is my mail, the other is my wife's).  Then we both have the email client set up on Android phones, iPad and Mac Mini.


Sometimes they work, usually they don't.  I get different error messages depending on the mail client but the bottom line is I can't seem to log onto the server.  Sometimes mail gets delivered, but I havent been able to send reliably for days.  Occasionally it comes to life but most of the time it just errors.


My theory is that it is a problem with the access control layer of the mail server.  it's either overloaded or failing or something.  I have spent hours talking and chatting on line to the help desk but they insist because web mail is working, all is OK.  However web mail has its own access security and won't be the same as that for a remote client.


I tried complaining but ended up back with the same support desk telling me the same thing.


The frustrating thing is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't (usuall it doesn't, TBH).


They suggested deleting the account on the PC and setting it up again, but I pointed out it is multiple mail clients on multiple devices.  Also I have another BT email address which I don't have in Outlook or anywhere else which I don't really use, but out of interest we set that up in Outlook and that wouldn't connect.


Any ideas?  I would complain further but there seems to be nowhere else to go.  Also they keep coming back to "web mail works so it's OK and we don't support Outlook" which is getting me nowhere.



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