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As the the title suggests I'm off - I joined BT Vision when the UK TiVo support was withdrawn, it was the closest thing I could find to my trusty old silver box. Content was good, movies weren't bad, the box sets OK, catch up was great. The box was easy to use from the Kids to the Mrs. Always a good sign. As the years went by and the service evolved, I moved to the BT YouView offering, old Vision box worked happily alongside the new box - though obviously multiroom was on the cards and sure enough it soon stopped. Movies dwindled, prices went up. Box sets became less attractive. Then came the great "BT Sports Plan" - fine if you like sport. Not much use if you don't. The "free sports channels" were of no interest to me. They'll realise, I thought, perhaps offer a "drop the sports and take some other package for the same price" deal. Sadly this never appeared. Over the last year, as a family we watched less and less of BT content. Since Christmas, none. Contract up, I've gone elsewhere. No, won't mention where, but paying half of what I was for almost an identical service, BB, TV and Phone. Good luck to those who helped answer questions, to the tech people who took the time to 'phone me over the years, "thanks", to people on here who I ranted along with, it's been fun and thanks for the thoughts and comments over the years.


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Re: Farewell

We're sorry to see you go @SRB but there'll always be a welcome here should you decide to return.


All the best.



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