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Fast Gigabit switch means slower data transfer speeds!!!

I connect my HH3 via the Gigabit ethernet port to my computer which has a gigabit LAN controller, and one of the other ethernet ports is connected to my 500Mbps devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ Powerline adapter.  I can transfer files to my Western Digital MyBook Live Duo at around 7 MB/s.


If I now connect the HH3 Gigabit port to a TP-Link 5 port Gigabit Desktop Switch and connect the computer and Powerline adapter to the Switch the data transfer speed drop to about 1MB/s.


All of my ethernet cables are Cat 5e or Cat 6 so I cannot understand why the data transfer rate is 7 times faster without the TP-Link Switch.  I have tried different ports on the Switch, and different cables with the same results.  Can anyone explain this crazy anomaly? 


The ethernet ports on the Powerline adapters are 100Mbps and if I look at the devolo software it seems that the ports work at 100Mb/s if I don't use the TP-Link, but only 10Mbps using the TP-Link.



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Re: Fast Gigabit switch means slower data transfer speeds!!!

Your Problem ist written there: TP-LINK. Total Crabbull**bleep**.
Bought routers with extended range, ended up with a 5th of the range I had before.
Wanted to change the old 12mbs router against a N-router, 54mpbs internet ended up to be slower with the 10years old b-router.
bought a Gigabit swith, ended up useless, becuase cannot connect that switch via crosslink or normal Cable to any other gigabit switch. I have not seen, tested or used any TP-link product that I have not spit on.
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