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Faster upload is ESSENTIAL! What can i do?

Hi there,


Im currently a PlusNet customer on regular broadband. I have 18 download and 0.6 upload average.


The 18 download speed i am more than happy with for what i do, but the upload speed needs to be higher for what i do.


Im a fastly growing YouTuber, and this is now my full time job. Therefore uploading videos everyday takes me hours of time and slows my internet down so i cant even use it to do other things to burn time. Uploading is a complete pain at the moment and im at the point now where i either pay or find a way to get a faster upload installed, or i quit.


What can i do to get a faster upload speed?


Fibre optic is not available on my street, even though the local exchange (100m away) is fibre optic.


Im willing to pay thousands just to get it installed, i'll even pay for the road works to get it on my street. Is this possible?


Any help is greatly appriciated.

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Re: Faster upload is ESSENTIAL! What can i do?

Hi bajan,


The Openreach Superfast Fibre Broadband Scheme is being rolled out, done and managed by Openreach for ALL ISPs/CPs so BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP whom operates this forum) does not have much say as to when and if you will be able to get fibre broadband (FTTC or FTTP or equivalent) as that is up-to Openreach.


For an FTTC exchange area


FTTC fibre broadband such as BT Infinity (upto 80mbps) needs your street cabinet (pcp) to be upgraded with a FTTC (Dslam) cabinet as well as your local exchange to be Fibre enabled before you can get fibre broadband.


Not all the cabinets in a FTTC fibre enabled exchange area will be upgraded, so some areas in that exchange area will be unable to get fibre broadband at this current time.


If there is no mention of WBC FTTC when checking the BT Wholesale Database then unfortunately it looks like your cabinet isn't currently in Openreach's fibre broadband rollout plan. 


Click here to see what your looking for in the BT Wholesale Database


The Openreach Superfast Fibre Broadband rollout plans are still being added too. 

So your cabinet may be upgraded in the future, though there is no public time scale on when that will be.


Please bear in mind that in some cases it may not be possible to provide FTTC broadband in areas due to: 

 • Your line may be too far from the local street cabinet to have a stable FTTC broadband service such as BT Infinity service.

• Your local street cabinet may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.

• We haven't yet got the council's planning permission to do the necessary work at your local street cabinet.

• Your home may not be suitable for fibre optic cables.

• Your landlord may not have agreed to the fibre infrastructure being provided in your building (for example if you live in a flat).

 There isn't a adequate power supply

• Health and safety issues

• No ducting or inadequate ducting


plus lots more.

The build of the fibre broadband infrastructure in the area isn't always easy and can be very complex.


For a property with an  Exchange Only Line


The way to tell if you are on a EO line is by going to the BT Wholesale Database and for your landline number if the results come back with the following at the of the grid "Telephone Number (Number) on Exchange (Exchange)" without saying a cabinet number then your likely to be on a EO exchange.


Properties with EO (Exchange Only) lines can't currently get FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) such as BT Infinity as your line isn't connected to a FTTC Dslam cab.

There are different stages to the development of the fibre infrastructure in the UK.

Customers with EO Lines currently will not be able to have fibre broadband as your line isn't connected to a cabinet, unless your area is FTTP enabled. In these instances Openreach plan to connect some areas that have EO lines with either FTTP or other fibre technologies in the future.
There have been some cases where Openreach have installed cabinets outside the exchange.


Other Information


You can try emailing NGA Openreach via with your landline number, address and pcp(cabinet) number to see if they have any more information regarding upgrading your cabinet. It may take a week or so to get a reply.


In areas where the commercial Superfast-Openreach fibre broadband rollout will not be able to reach, your local council or govenment BDUK superfast broadband rollout scheme may be able to help. For more information on your BDUK superfast broadband rollout scheme, you will need to contact your council or government.


Unfortunately BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP who operates this forum) does not have much say as to when and if you will be able to get FTTC or FTTP/H based broadband such as BT Infinity.


You can register your interest for Fibre Broadband such as BT Infinity by going to


You can keep checking the BT Wholesale Database and BT Infinity website for the most upto date information as these are updated regularly.

The Superfast Openreach When and Where website is:


Also look out for these FTTC Cabinets on/near your street/area. If you see one near your old cabinet (pcp) then you maybe in luck for Fibre broadband.



Hope that helps,



**The Commercial Fibre-Optic Broadband Rollout is being managed and done by Openreach for all communication providers/ISPs. The BDUK fibre broadband schemes are managed by Openreach along with your local authority.BT Retail (a communication provider/ISP) has nothing to do with the rollout of fibre broadband.**

jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Faster upload is ESSENTIAL! What can i do?

Personally I'd say ignore the almighty cut 'n paste above, and instead to give BT Business a call and enquire about a leased line since you are willing to pay. But what do I know ?

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Re: Faster upload is ESSENTIAL! What can i do?

If this is your job, then you shouldn't be using everyday residential broadband.  This ia (a) because you're breaking the terms and conditions of your service and they have every right to cut you off at any time, and (b) because residential services always prioritise download speeds over upload, because most people are downloading most of the time.


Start looking at proper business broadband lines instead.  The fastest I've seen is a direct connection to LINX offering 10GBps.  But it's stupidly expensive, and you are responsible for getting your fibre to their connection point.  More realistic packages are available.

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Re: Faster upload is ESSENTIAL! What can i do?

The SLA on a business account is also better than residential.

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