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Fault on line BT unable to forward calls why?





BT advise me that as I have barred 090 numbers on my landline they are unable to forward calls to my 0787 mobile number.


I have requested they remove the barr while fault is being dealt with.  Advised this is not possible need to contact BBT.  Tried to log into this online but as I do not have my broadband with them I do not appear to have an account.


Can anyone help?


Incidentally, the fault I have is no dialling tone, no incoming ringing but the Broadband is working!



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Re: Fault on line BT unable to forward calls why?

Sounds like you could have the same problem as we do here - trees rubbing against the overhead liine seems the most common explanation. Be prepared though - I have been waiting to have this fault repaired since 12th November, and I still have no idea when it will be done.

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Re: Fault on line BT unable to forward calls why?

Hi Lesley,


The reason BT cant divert your calls when you have a barring on the line is because of the way the divert works.


The divert is basically a call from your line, i.e. A caller calls your line, then the exchange or your line calls your mobile and passes on the call. The divert wont work if you have any form of call barring as the system isn't 'clever enough' to work out which calls you have barred.


If the call barring has been provided by you, rather than BT restricting your use of the line, the 151 helpdesk advisor should be able to have this removed whilst there is a fault on your line (so the divert can be provided) but this may cause you further problems, as BT might forget to put the call barring back on.


The fault with your telephone service can stop your calls whilst leaving your broadband service working, in laymen terms your telephone line is a 2 wire circuit and the calls require a completion of this circuit (both wires to be connected) but the broadband is a lot newer technology and is 'radio waves' down one of the wires, so if the fault is on the wire which is not used for your broadband then the phone stops and the broadband works.


It could also be a fault with a  piece of equipment, make sure you have checked all your euipment, see /faults for a guide, as it can be a costly way to find a fault with your phones/adsl filters etc.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Fault on line BT unable to forward calls why?


Thanks for above.


BT seem now to have diverted my calls to my mobile number Smiley Happy


Don't know how long for as had put further request to divert to my mother's BT number.


No contact for engineer so assume will not be fixed by 6/12/10  11.59 as forecastSmiley Sad 

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Re: Fault on line BT unable to forward calls why?

Hopefully they will resolve shortly. My BT exchange is very close and the may receive a personal visit if not!
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