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Faulty Openreach Modem

Hey everyone


There is an open forum that I started about an unreliable connection for gaming that is still unsolved and you can find it here. Basically I have FTTP with BT Infinity package 2 and my games consoles uses a wired connection. Within the first week or two of upgrading from an 8 Mbps ADSL2+ line to Infinity kill/death ratio on the well known first person shooter Call of Duty was instantly improved; I was literally untouchable. Now I rarely get that unless I leave the modem unplugged from the power supply and the backup battery. It's only then can I temporarily play like extremely well, but only for about 3-4 days till it returns to its usual b******t.

I personally point the blame at a possible faulty Openreach Modem as I'm sick and tired of every 3-4 days turning the modem off (for one hour minimum) it re-stabalise the connection. My third party Linksys WRT1900AC router with DD-WRT has no negative affect on the connection as I've compared it to the the BT HH5 that was provided free of charge when moving to BT Infinity 2.


Now I do not want to pay Openreach £129.99 for them to come out and tell me there is nothing wrong. I would like to try a replacement Openreach Modem or for them to tweak modem so that it works as I want it to, because turning it off seems to do the trick, but I shouldn't be expected to do this. I'm trying to game and game at high skill levels and when you get beaten by really bad players in public games it's quite frankly embarrassing and frustrating when I started shooting them first or die instantly. Obviously with a reduced time to kill (time taken to kill an enemy if emptying a magazine at full speed) in the newer Black Ops 3 on the PS4 I cannot play it at all UNLESS I let my modem settle down.


Hope someone can help



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Re: Faulty Openreach Modem


I doubt you will get a new OR modem, just used things off auction site.

If you're really serious about your gaming then why do you not treat yourself to a good quality modem/router.  Or if your router is newish then look at the Netgear DM200.  Download the manuals and see if it meets your needs.

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Re: Faulty Openreach Modem


This is FTTP, you cannot use any modem. You have no choice but to use the Openreach ONT.
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Re: Faulty Openreach Modem

I already treated myself to a very good router. You're not going to get anything better running DD-WRT open source firmware. Also I don't have ADSL so the Netgear router is useless. I need a special fibre optic modem called a Optical Network Transmission (ONT). Unfortunately eBay doesn't have ONT's only FFTC modems made by Huawei.

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