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Faulty iPhone


I have only had my iPhone 6s for 2/3 months and it is faulty. I would like to request a replacement but seem to hit a brick wall when trying to contact BT.

Please could someone help me? 

The issues I have is the phone turning itself off and not coming back on for hours, despite trying multiple times. It crashes randomly and when I receive texts the text tone sounds like an alarm as it’s exaggerated and broken! It only happens ever so often with no reasonable explanation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Amanda 

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Re: Faulty iPhone

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Re: Faulty iPhone

Is your iphone backed up to the icloud/itunes?

if so, i would first do a full reset back to a new iphone, which will reinstall the software which i'm guessing is ios 13, as over the air updates did cause well documented problems.

the iphone wants setting up as a new phone, and then download your backup from icloud/itunes.

If that has been carried out and is no solution, then assuming its from bt mobile, all you can do is contact them on:-0800 800 150, be prepared for a wait though, as there extremely busy dealing with vulnerable customers

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Re: Faulty iPhone

I will give that a go and let you know how it goes! Thanks so much for your help. 

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