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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

Just remember that ex-directory and TPS will not stop anyone who you have a contract with - that's your power companies, your bank, your savings accounts, your insurtance company, your bank trying to become your insurance company and oh yes your ISP and all the low-life partners that your ISP may hire to do their dirty work for them. 


All those people MUST stop calling if you ask them but you MUST call them to make them stop. PIA or what??


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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

It's easy to ignore ''international' calls if you don't expect any. But what if you do expect

international calls? And I have noticed that incoming calls within UK from callers who use some

of the  'other providers' accessed via prefixes like 18xxx also appear as 'international',

which could mean that you reject a vital call from within the UK.


I wonder whether the caller ID display 'International' is due to either BT or the local kit

suppressing data which is actually available. When I am in Finland (using caller ID on one of the

fast decreasing number or residential landlines left in that country) I find incoming calls from UK

landlines, and even calls from UK mobiles calling from within Finland, are displayed with full number

with international code for the right country. And mobiles, whether from UK or Finland, display

full international codes on incoming calls from outside the country. Perhaps I should bring the

(Polish) landline telephone here to see if it can work the same magic.


So where does the caller ID data get lost or stripped-off a call incoming to the UK?

Is  BT technically able to offer international caller ID which, surely, will have been standardised

by the CCITT, or ETSI, or whoever now controls these matters?

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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?


@Ectophile wrote:
Signing up with the Telephone Preference Service will considerably reduce the number of calls you receive. It doesn't cost anything.

It won't stop calls from overseas call centres, though.


It doesn't stop calls from UK call centres either.


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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

today I was called by some kind of automatic voice machine trying to sell financial services, I just hung up, when I picked up again it was still rambling on, eventually it did go away. I'm wondering how these unwanted sales callers get your phone details, my phone is ex-directory and I've only been connected for 2 weeks.

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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

You might find useful information on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) website -


The TPS service is free, but note that there are similarly-named organisation(s) which,
surprise, surprise, come higher on a 'search' which will charge for similar service.


On this website you will find -


"It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations
and political parties) do not make [unsolicited] calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless
they have your consent to do so.


"Recorded messages - your permission is needed!


"If you are receiving unsolicited sales and marketing voice recorded messages down your
telephone line, and you have not given prior consent to receive such messages, you can
ask the marketer to stop sending these.


"They are legally obliged to act upon your request.


"However if you are still receiving such calls (or it is not possible to ask the company
to stop sending these types of messages) you can complain directly to the Information
Commissioner's Office (ICO). They are the government body responsible for enforcing
the regulations."


Please note complaints about text messages and automated voice recordings are covered
by new regulations overseen by the ICO. For more information please see their website or phone helpline on 01625 545745.




It could be that a previous user of your number was receiving such calls without objecting.


If caller ID/1471 does not give you information about the caller you may need to listen to
the message in order to learn something in order to to identify the caller. But be very wary

of calling any number which they provide (it might cost more than you expect),

better to report the details to the authorities.


Good luck!



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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

I've registered with TPS but it takes some weeks before it becomes effective, when I dialed 1471 after the recorded message had finished ...  I received "caller number witheld". So far I've only had one call like this.

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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

Hi All,


When i lived in my flat, i used to be bombarded with all different sales calls.


One day i had my mates round and we had a bloody good laugh at this poor indian female offering me tickets for a show in the town i was living in.


I was on the phone for a good half hour of just talking nonsense to this women not letting her ask me questions of where i live.  In the end she hung up, but we where kicking our selfs laughing.


THe best ones when i used to get the double glazing calls, i would waste theretime on the phone giving fake information and then asking them if they could replace all the galss in my green house....CLUNK  lol



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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

I seem to remember that there is something called 'Telephone preference service' available, similar to the system that blocks most 'junk mail' that used to pour through our letterbox. If you havn't already tried this, it may help. We certainly receive very few calls of this nature now, but we are also 'ex-directory' !
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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?


I have tried to use Choose to Refuse for one particularly troublesome number which is cold calling me 5 times a day.  I dialled 14258, but the automated message said that this service is not available.  Any ideas what to do?


Many thanks

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Re: Fed-up of Nuisance sales promotion calls ?

Being Exdirectory or registering for TPS will not necessary stop these calls.


Most of these call centres use predictive dialing. so they could have all the numbers in the UK programmed in (as an example) so for instance they could dial 01234567890 (which I have had calls showing as being from that caller) The next number the computer dials is 0123456791 then 92 then 93.......


The fact that your number is within this range and that you are with TPS or Exdirectory means nothing, and there is no way (unless you have a truecall ) it can really be stopped

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