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Fed up with BT

I contacted BT in early August about moving and had a date of August 21reconnected an Openreach engineer out to reconnect me. He duly arrived and said he couldn't do anything because there was a fault on the line, meaning I had no landline service and that he would report the problem from his van so another man could come and fix that and then myinfinity would be connected in a few days. Then had an email saying broadband would be sorted on Sept 8th. Contacted BT to complain, they said no landline fault had been reported at all. Eventually a very nice engineer came and sorted that so at least I had a landline service. After arranging for a neighbour to let Openreach into my house on 5th no one turned up. Instead I got an email saying it will now be Sept 21st. 


I have complained again to a totally incompetent company who have now basically tried to shut me up with an email saying that they don't have records of these appointments and that it basically is not their fault. 


They seem perfectly happy to send me letters upping my bill, then taking twice what they tell me they will take from my bank account, when I don't even have the service im paying through the nose for.


Fed up to the back teeth and want nothing to do with BT.

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Re: Fed up with BT

If you would like to contact one of the UK based BT Care Team who moderate this forum, they should be able to help you.


They can be contacted using this link BT Care Team


They normally respond by phone or e-mail, within three working days, however you should get an immediate confirmation, with a tracking number.


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