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Re: Feel like I've been scammed

Splitting networks hasn't seemed to improve anything.

Tried sitting down to watch a film on Netflix (HD not 4K) and nothing will even play. Spend a few minutes loading then get to watch a couple of seconds before it's loading again.

So even if it is a WiFi problem and not a connection problem I still think I should expect better that this.

The TV is in same room as hub, about 6 feet away in a straight line with nothing else near the hub to cause any interference.

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Re: Feel like I've been scammed

First, there are too many variables that can effect wireless, hence no ISP will guarantee wireless connections.

Second ISP's rely on a "one size fits all" router solution. It frequently doesn't.

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Re: Feel like I've been scammed

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Re: Feel like I've been scammed

only f you pay the extra and get the complete wireless package with the discs

if your tv is that close to hub then connect with ethernet and see if that improves your watching  if it does then wifi problem

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Re: Feel like I've been scammed

Regardless, I should expect a decent WiFi signal in the same room as the hub.

I noticed everything was great for the first month, only had problems (and constantly) after that.

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