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Feeling a bit let down, it's O.K but instal lets it down.

I had infinity put in last Tuesday. The engineed had a **bleep** of a job getting it up and running what with one thing and another. It's a very complicated story but eventually he ended up setting up a master socket in a location where it was not before and there are no plugs. My previous install was excellent and was situated upstairs in a home office. I had a network hardwired throughout the house using this as my previous master socket (into a modem/router & switch etc.). The engineer suspected my wiring was faulty (now plastered into the wall so couldn't prove one way or another). I tried telling him it wasn't and had been previously working with ADSL2+ no problem. Considering my distance from the exchange it was very good indeed. However, he continued along he path where he was sure it was at fault. When he couldn't get any wiring in the house to work with either a dial tone or a fibre connection he started blaming my phone. As he's called me 5 minutes before arriving to tell me he was on the way I knew this wasn't the case. Anyway the upshot of it was after around 6 hours he did a makeshift install downstairs. After some rather ugly wiring to get it near to a power point it started to work. Wireless is O.K but as my house has always suffered with wifi AND there wasn't an ideal solution to get my old router/switch working I wasn't happy. I decided to give homeplugs a try. Purchased some 85mb/s ones but they were dire. Took them back and got some netgear 500mb ones. These managed to get me to a point where I could use the modem downstairs but the hub upstairs. This was a horrible solution but worked. Ironically my download speed wasn't much over wireless but my ping and upload are pretty good. Over the homeplug solution my downloads are stable and very fast but my uploads and ping are terrible. I can't help but feel that the engineer had gone so far along the path of deciding what was wrong.. when he found out that wasn't the case he took the line of least resistance and left me with this horrible solution. I've spent £90 on homplugs just to patch my old network together and still wired/wifi are both not ideal. If I could write this all off and go back to O2 I reckon I would. If it wasn't for he fact all my outside cabling was now all muddled up I'd seriously consider it.

It's an odd story but because I was an early adopter of broadband and my speeds were poor, BT originally gave me 2 lines from he pole. One for BB and one for phone. 2 master sockets but only one line rental. Every engineer that has been here has struggled to believe me but it's true. I've never had to use a filter, but I also can't use amodem on my phone socket or a phone on my ADSL socket. Now the engineer has merged my lines to one cacky socket downstairs.

To be honest I'm really rather annoyed.

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Re: Feeling a bit let down, it's O.K but instal lets it down.

Hi Danman,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I can take a look into this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.





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Re: Feeling a bit let down, it's O.K but instal lets it down.

When my install was done as I suspected I could not persuade the engineer to use my upstairs home office socket but he did say "You could pay us to change the master or when I have gone it would be easier and cheaper to run an enthernet cable to wherever you would prefer the hub to be" so a quick trip to Maplin for an assembled 15m Cat5E lead and a couple of hours DIY later.
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