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Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

I write to ask, if anybody may be kind enough to assist with an on going issue that I am encountering.

for over 2 years I have lived at my current address, having initially looked into ordering fiber broadband, I had discovered that it was not available but will be available soon.

i emailed in to open reach whom advised me of an estimated install date of October that year, October having been and gone, with no update in ordering capabilities, I checked again at the beginning of that following year, to be told it would be installed by February, now a year and. 1 month on the order status does not change.

however 3 months ago another property 100 meters or so away, has ordered and had fiber installed, after speaking to the open reach engineer, he confirmed that I have fiber on my pole which is some 15 meters from my property.

ive called BT whom say I cannot order, raise investigations which lead no where and leave me no better off.

The open reach engineer wrote down codes and his identification number in an attempt to help my problem.

can any moderator assist ?? 

im based in Essex, colchester.

myself and young family are at wits end, I’ve spent around 53 hours on phone calls to BT and Openreach, I would appreciate any advice or help.

thank you for reading 

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Hi. Enter your phone number into the avalibility checker and post a screenshot. Please remove your phone number when posting as this is a public forum.


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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Thank you for your reply, I currently am using dongles as the Internet is only copper, which is unusable. I therefore do not have a phone number, Is there any other information I can provide in place of this ?

I have the below information from an Open Reach Engineer;

Splitter number - 
CBT - 

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

if you are still connected to the internet with copper then you need a phone line.  have you tried connecting phone to the landline socket and see if dial tone  if tone then dial 17070 and you should get your phone number read out to you  then dial 17070 option 2 and see if any line noise - should be silent

if you do not get dial tone then use your address in the dslchecker (not post code_

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!


thanks for posting.


There is copper wire here, but not active as i do not have any service provider, I can only get 0.5mb here so I didn’t order anything.

I can enter my postcode into my the Openreach site ? 

Plugging a handset in doesn’t give me anything.

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

You can use your address in the wholesale checker, it’s not as accurate as a  phone number , but the phone number would have to be a non LLU one anyway.

As you are not currently a BT customer , and this forum is a BT customer one, then any advice on here may not be specific, and fairly general, plus as  its Openreach that provide the network, any question for OR is not going to be ‘seen’ by them here.

FWIW, a neighbour 100m away isn’t necessary any guide as to wether FTTP will be available to you,  and if their FTTP was installed as FTTPod or a CFP and your address wasn’t classed as an address ‘passed’ then there may be network close by , but of no use to you.



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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

I’m not a BT customer at home, I am with my business at another address.

So I believe I’m entitled to sign up to the forum in that basis.

I would like to be a BT customer but cannot see the point in signing up for 0.5mb copper broadband.

as I’ve advised I have found out from the Openreach engineer that the telegraph pole next to my property has fiber, I believe this to be a BT - open reach system fault as to why I cannot order.

ive been trying to order now for over 2 years hence my mail

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Ring the FTTP team. 0800 587 4787

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

I’ve taken a screen shot of the info you asked for but this forum won’t let me upload as it’s too large of an image 


heres a link to the upload

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

I’ve done that, I’ve spent hours on the phone... they say there’s a fault with the system, they need 10 days to request with open reach to update the system and then I call back in 10 days and same solution is offered, I’ve spent months calling about this, I am literally at my wits end.

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