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Fiber to premisis performance, using BT Smart Hub 2 and additional disks

Hi All

We have recently had Full Fiber to Premisis put into our house. We are using the supplied BT Smart Hub 2 and additional disks.

Over the course of the past 10 days, I have received fluctuation in speeds from 0 up to about 300Mbs. Our stay fast guarantee is 450Mbs . We know that there is at least 900Mbs coming into the property

We have had several engineers out and now BT are looking at changing the White box inside the property. (the hub and Ethernet cables have already been changed.)

IS there anything else that we can do to help stabilise this issue? or is there something that is affecting the speeds?


Thank you

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BT Smart Hub 2 and discs


Please can someone advise the speeds that I can expect to get from a Smart Hub 2 and the accompanying discs? Currently there is between a 80% to 95% reduction in the speeds achievable from the Hub.

If this is the best that we are able to achieve, can anyone recommend a system so that we can get a signal from one end of the property to the other?

Many thanks

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