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Fibre 1 but only getting 40/10

I’ve gotten Fibre 1 installed as a second line and I’ve noticed that it’s locked at 40/10 for the line profile.


here’s the stats:

DSL uptime:0 days,00 Hours14 Mins10 Secs


Data rate:9.42 Mbps / 39.999 Mbps


Maximum data rate:9.420 Mbps / 52.977 Mbps


Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode:Off


Noise margin:6.2 / 11.1


Line attenuation:10.2 / 20.4


Signal attenuation:10.2 / 22.2


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Re: Fibre 1 but only getting 40/10

When did you get the broadband ?  If last day or so maybe wait a few more days and see if DLM improves speed

Can you Check your package in MYBT to make sure it says fibre 1

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Re: Fibre 1 but only getting 40/10

You appear to be in a banded profile. Your uptime is only 14mins, is this due to you resetting the hub to try and increase the speed or the hub dropping connection?

Is there any noise on your line? 17070 option 2, best with corded phone. It should be silent between announcements, you may get a dull hub with a cordless.

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Re: Fibre 1 but only getting 40/10

Oh sorry about that the Cat managed to pull the psu cable out. I moved it so it wouldn’t happen again

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Re: Fibre 1 but only getting 40/10

It’s comes up as fibre 1
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