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Fibre 100 Order Debacle!

Long story

I ordered Fibre 100 on the 6th February after deciding to move from PlusNet (themselves a nightmare to deal with, but thats another story).

The activation date was set for 27th February which came and went. In that time PlusNet was disconnected and I was left with no internet.

I was told by a BT adviser that there was a delay and I had to check the following Monday for an update. No internet for the weekend! I ran on Monday and was told that an a engineer would visit me on the 3rd March between 8am and 1pm. I had to work that day so I had to ask my elderly father to sit in my house waiting for the engineer. By 12pm I was getting concerned that no one had shown up so I called again. I was told that there was no appointment scheduled! My father had been sat in the house for 5 hours!

I was then told that another update would be given the following Friday! By this  time the account was handed over to a manager (Ash in the Leicester office) who would handle this. Friday came and the update was, 'we'll have another update on Monday!'. In the mean time I received a mini 4g hub which can very basic internet access.

So Monday 9th came and I did not receive a call, so I had to call myself. I was told that an attempt was made to call me. During this saga I have kept my phone on and by my side at all times. Not once did it ring. Now I am sat here nearly two weeks later wondering what the hell is going on. I am told I will be called with an update after 2pm!

This is totally unacceptable. I have to work from home this week (Wednesday and Friday) and I'm not sure the mini hub is up to the task. I have not been given a date for activation and I am no better informed than I was when I first made the order on the 6th February.

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Re: Fibre 100 Order Debacle!


Its possible the cabinet is full.

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
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