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Fibre 2 Availability - almost there, help please

Until recently only dsl services have been listed for our address.

About 1 month ago an Openreach Eng came to resolve a line problem and commented that our cabinet had FTTC equipment installed.

I checked BT and other places but only dsl, no fibre available 

Checked the broadband checker which showed WBC FTTC as planned for our cabinet  - still showing as planned today.

I’m now out of contract so again checking  BT, EE, Sky, etc today, now all showing fibre as available - progress!

I tried to place an order with BT on the basis of this, the sales team in the Hull office say the system shows Fibre and Fibre 2 availability but “on the system” it is still not available - I take this to be the system in which they book the upgrade.

Can someone help me resolve, sounds like a database or something needs updating so I can complete the order.

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Re: Fibre 2 Availability - almost there, help please

If FTTC has only recently gone live then the database most likely needs updating. This usually happens on a Friday. Try again tomorrow afternoon.

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