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Fibre 250 not getting speeds



I upgraded from fibre 100 to fibre 250. after upgrading i noticed my download speeds were no different, they were 140MB download which it has always been. so i contacted bt and they sent an engineer out as they said there was a fault outside my property. the engineer turned up and said theres no fault outside. he came inside and reset my line and checked the speeds. he was receiving 267mb download to his little device, which is what it should be. checked speeds hardwired into my router and i was still receiving 130mb download.


so they sent me another smart hub 2 out as it could have been 'faulty', new hub arrived today, set it up and it still no change, still getting the 140mb speeds. but going into router settings and it says the downstream is 270 which it should be. starting to bang my head across the wall now as bt just want to send another smart hub 2 again! its just going round in circles now, all i want is the speeds i pay for. any advice/help will be much appreciated.



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Re: Fibre 250 not getting speeds

How are you doing the tests? Wired / Wireless?

I have 300 coming into the hub but can't seem to get anything above 100mb WIFI unless I disable the 2.4ghz Wireless Network. I need 2.4ghz enabled as Sky Q won't work on 5ghz

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Re: Fibre 250 not getting speeds

Hi, I'm doing the tests wired, even tried using every ethernet port, used different ethernet cables and different devices and all still receiving 140. 

Spoke to them again tonight and they're now sending a WiFi disc as they say it's going to work 'magic' can't really see how it's going to fix my wired speeds 

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