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Fibre 900. Disappointed

Before go live day, DL speed around 45.

On the day, but before delivery of Hub2, DL shot up to 200.

Installed new Hub and dl speed never more than 60 ( ul54).

Unwilling to phone yet ( covid staff shortages etc, non essential) but 14 day cooling off period ( equates to number of episodes X series X Netflix/Prime).

For general information as it seems to chime with the experience of others.

Vulnerable in Cornwall.

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Re: Fibre 900. Disappointed

Couple of questions:
1/ How are you testing your speed?
2/ Have you reset you ONV and Hub lately as there is a known issue with Hom Hub 2 supporting Full900?
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Re: Fibre 900. Disappointed

Good morning Sircoynie.

I hope you are well.

In answer to your points.....

1. Two methods. BTs own checker on MyBt. Various android tools. Ookla etc

2. ONV? Sorry ,No idea.... unfamiliar acronym.

Windy Cornwall!

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Re: Fibre 900. Disappointed


1/ BT's own checker has been having issues apparently, they are working on an updated app etc as it used to display your hub to internet and device to hub speeds. Now it is just your device to hub speed.

I am assuming you are only testing your speed via WI-fi, if this is the case then you might be maxing out your connection (typically around 300mbps when on 5ghz and close to the router, if further away or on 2.4ghz this will be significantly lower), try a laptop and ethernet cable/laptop directly to your router and test again.

Note: You will need to invest in your Wi-fi network if you want faster speeds throughout your home, unfortunately many of us on this forums have tried the new BT WholeHome Premium kit which is sadly awful and being under supported by BT. 

2/ My bad, that was a sort of typo, Optical Network Unit (ONT) is the white box on your wall that convert the FFTP from an optical signal to electrical so your router can plug into it via its WAN port. BT have told many people including myself to turn both the router and this off for 5 mins to see if that initiates an update to your speed settings. I have been doing this and can now confirm that I am receiving ~930/130mbps.

Hope this helps?

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Re: Fibre 900. Disappointed

I'll try the 5 minute miracle cure ( when I can get others to accept they can move away from the screen without long-term damage to their eyes.

Thank  you for the detailed and helpful suggestions including the news about the app......AND the issue with whole house WiFi. I've been that's shelved.

I should add that my old Infinity 3 was 200 up..... ALSO..... I recall a BT advertising campaign on TV which showed full coverage and charming people wandering around the garden, on a swing etc, all enjoying the best/ most powerful/ advanced/ select your own superlative, anywhere within ..X meters.

Clearly we have regressed.

Cheers for the help.


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