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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Fantastic response and much appreciated Sean.  Concise and hopefully other visitors will find some of those answers helpful.  If only the lady I dealt with yesterday was as up to speed.

Please note me being told to approach other providers was not advise but was indeed a snide remark made towards myself, I just didnt want to get someone into trouble as they may well have been having a terrible day and the last straw hit the camels back.  Also advising this when my copper wiring has been removed is moronic.

In addition to question 6.  The BT engineer who installed and 2 of the  advisors have all said there is a known fault with the hubs and they arent up to scratch, blaming firware.  If indeed there is a known fault with the equipment then it is indeed not up to scratch.  Lets face it those who opt for this service want the speed not the excuses.  Firmware issues should be resolved prior to the contiuation of the roll out or customers should be advised of this at point of sale.  My main issue with the hub is the fact the sky q hub outperformed it in terms of wifi coverage and steady connection, now that may be down to bad instalation but even when I was getting decent speeds the wifi coverage was worse.  Despite using the additional disc (do they even do anything?.....BTW side note to new customers if putting one in the bedroom ensure you dim the light for overnight, you could see the blue light from the moon!). 

Am I correct in thinking if this level of coverage continues (whenever I get internet back) I will receive an additional disc at no cost?  I have 2 rooms where I barely get wifi at all, at an unusable level  (yet did with sky I did get wifi in these rooms).  I only have a 2 bedroom house and it is not large.  I had no wifi extenders or other equipment with sky.

Number 11.  I was very curious to see what the advisors wrote in the notes, seen as one could do things the other couldnt, eg. phone openreach, book engineers etc yet the Lady yesterday could do hehaw but sarcasm.


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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Hi @r0ss2k3 

Thanks for posting back.

There isn't an issue with the Hub and the full fibre speed.  You're not going to see the full speed over Wi-fi at the moment but that will change down the line with the introduction of Wi-fi 6 however there is no info on that at present.

With Complete Wifi, you are guaranteed a strong Wi-fi connection in every room, delivering wall to wall coverage.  If you aren't achieving this with one disc, we would send you another one to improve the Wi-fi coverage up to a maximum of 3 discs.  You can read more info about Complete Wi-fi here:  What is Complete Wi-fi?

The team you're dealing with should be able to help you with that too however we can step in again if you still need a hand.



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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Hi RobbieMac,

I am aware wifi speeds are determined by equipment. I never expected to get over half the speed (on decent equiment). Even wired is limited by hardware. That does not negate the fact there are known firmware issues effecting speeds with the hub.  That fact should have been transparent, unless of course several people are (including BT employees) are telling porkies.

Hoping engineer will fix the issues so I can at least get internet then I do know there will be at least £150+  cost to get a decent router etc. Thats evident by these forums and BT employee and engineer comments. We all know provided routers are mince.

Sorry just being realistic. Hoping it all gets sorted. Not attacking .

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

So as per request from BT I had booked an engineer, was supposed to come out today between 8am and 1pm, I cancelled my plans so I was home for this engineer visit.  No engineer came near the house, no text, no phone call, no email.  According to the BT app the visit had happened today.  Called up (yet again, one of 2 calls today) when I noticed this on the app, about 10/11am and turns out the app does this now and then as doesnt work correctly and the engineer will definately be out.  1pm came and went, so another phone call to BT.  £25 compensation for wasting my entire morning for nothing and then tried to get through to the fibre team.  Spent an hour on hold and gave up.  In total to this point I have wasted at least 2 -3 hours on phone calls and over 10 hours waiting on engineers that dont turn up.

This is simply not acceptable!

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

I can now provide somewhat of an update.  Still no internet but David kindly arranged a 4G temp hub which is allowing me to work from home.  Openreach have said it should be all working again tomorrow.  They sent out an engineer today to look at the connection, after explaining the situation and a phone call he was able to update me.

The council have now given permision to put the pole back up (you couldnt make that up!) so it will be reinstated tomorrow. 

How ironic that communications companies really fail to communicate.

Fingers cross by this time tomorrow ill be getting somewhere


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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Another update.

Openreach advised the pole would be up yesterday as a priority job.  Later on in the day after I chased this up was told it would be this morning.  Stupidly I believed this.  So again chased up, no one knows what is happening and looks like I will be enetering week 2 with no internet.

I am now <<<insert profanity>>> sick of all the false promises and the fact that NO ONE will take ownership of this.

The amount of time I have wasted on this whole debacle is incredible, between phone calls and emails etc.

This is an absolutely disgraceful way to treat customers.  I spent years with sky, never a problem and yet switch to BT and I dont even get one f'n week with the service I have paid for.  I am about to billed for month 2 and still have nada, no phone no internet.

I am the one who has done all the running on this, David has been very helpful and got me the 4G router which due to signal I can at least work from home, I cannot do teams meetings or watch netflix etc as speed isnt good enough so while helpful it is certainly not a replacement.

I am utterly astounded at the WGAF attitude over the whole matter.  £8 per day "compensation" is an absolute joke.

Here is the best of it, I get emailed by BT and told I need to book an engineer, 2 days ago!!!! So am I actually expected to waste more time waiting on a phantom engineer not showing up.

I would love an explanation as to why BT are failing so badly on the utter mess.  Complete lack of communication is what get to me the most.  I am the one having to deal with Openreach, I may as well put the god damned pole up and connect it myself!

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Todays update.

BT closed my fault and complaint as aparently it has been resolved, news to me!  Amazing stuff, as I still have no phone or internet.  Well done to whoever done that, yet another complete and utter failure.  So yet again I had to call up and start at the beggining on this.  Estimated fix date is now the 1st October, take that with a pich of salt of course.

Anyone who is considering making the switch from a constant and reliable supplier to BT please consider this experience, I understand that some faults cant be a quick fix.  Stuff happens which is fine, it is the lack of communication and ignorance shown that is the biggest fault.  BT dont seem to care in the least about customers once you are in contract.

Receiveing emails to book an engineer, the email reads:

We need to send you an engineer to fix the problem with your service. So we can sort this for you as soon as possible, please now go online to book an appointment that suits.

It is impossible to book an engineer online, the link leads to the fault finding section and goes nowehere.

Cant even get an email right!

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

I finaly have a possitive update.

Internet is back.

I also managed to get all smart devices connected.  There is a method to it so hoping this will assist others who are pulling their hair out with the smart plugs and bulbs:

  • First, turn off 5Ghz WiFi
  • Change the Mode to Mode 3.
  • Save the changes.
  • Set up smart device as per instructions
  • Repeat for all devices testing that they all work as you go
  • Turn on 5Ghz WiFi and change mode back to Mode 1
  • Test all devices and they should now all work fine.

Fingers crossed everything is now resolved, past 2 weeks have been an uneccessary stress.

Also I would like to thank DavidM for his patience and all his help with this.  I am very appreciative of this.

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

Replaced a pole ?, you added nothing as context , was the pole damaged and needing to be replaced , and as it carried your service , your service was interrupted as a result ?, if that’s the case, then presumably if you were a still a Sky customer then your ‘copper’ pair service would have likely been affected in the same way, and the delay the same , waiting until the pole was replaced.
Obviously its unknown if Sky would have been better at communicating the problem and likely timescale to repair, but essentially the issue would have been the same.

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Re: Fibre 900 daily slow speeds and connection issues

As part of the full fibre roll out sub contractors put one of the poles (the one feeding to the pole at my house) in a place where they did not have the permision to put it.  The council then ordered openreach to remove the pole, and thats when i lost the internet.  This didnt effect the copper wiring to the other homes, by this point my copper wiring was removed.  This happened a few days after I switched to BT.

Pole was removed due to obstructing vision when turning into the street.

The only way I found any of this out was because I spoke to an openreach engineer in the street.

In the past I had some issues when i moved to this house and cant fault sky's communication regarding.  BT's however has been non existant with exception od DavidM via the forums.  I was the one phoning up, all promised return calls never happened.

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