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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Mine is working fine 🙂 Speedtest shows 910Mbps down and 110Mbps up. That’s using the Speedtest app on my Apple TV 4K which is wired by Ethernet.


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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

I should say, I’m using the Asus ZenWiFi AX and I had to do a factory reset to resolve the speed issues.

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Had fibre 900 for a week now and here are my observations.

-I do get full speed with Ethernet consistently above 900/120

-Having tried both Smart hubs 1 and 2 they both max out at 650/120 on 5ghz WiFi to both my iPhone 11 and iPad Pro

- My upload speed was capped at 50mbps on both Smart hubs 1 and 2 after getting the upgrade in the early hours. After 3 resets the cap was lifted.

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Having purchased a new router, supporting WiFi6 there has been minimal difference for me. 

I managed to speak to BT yesterday; the chap was quite knowledgeable. Apparently there are problems with full fibre 900 in that it's acting in a similar way to receiving the signal via copper. A lot of people are experiencing issues in that they can't get above 400mb. 

They seem to be unsure of how to fix it currently, and asked me to speed test every day, to see if it stabilises.

He also mentioned there are no problems with fibre 500; this apparently doesn't have the problem. 

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

I had a new hub sent out yesterday and that made no difference to my speed, I’m still getting 300 down and 50 up. I plugged my old hub back in and phoned back and they are passing my problem on to someone else.
I have just checked again tonight and my upload has now gone to 110, but my download speed is still the same. I Decided to try the new hub again and my download is still the same but the upload is stuck at 50 again. Reconnect my old hub and the upload goes back to 110, I’m convinced it’s a problem with the hubs.

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

I’m on the 300/50 package just now. As that’s quite fast already, do you really notice a big difference changing to the fibre 900?

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Well that smacks of someone making it up as they go along! FTTP is totally different to FTTC.

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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

That all depends on what you do with your internet connection. If you have a large family, and many devices, then it’s nice to not have to worry about bandwidth. If you buy a new game on Steam for example, then it’s great to be able to pull it down in minutes. If you have a new patch for a game, then again, it’s seconds or minutes at the most. It’s not essential, but it’s sure a nice to have!
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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well?   Thank you for all the comments

We have been working with our Fibre team and have highlighted all your comments on this thread in relation to wireless speed and test results.  The team have offered a few FAQ's which will address some of the point raised here,


Why does my device not show the full speeds when testing over wireless?

As broadband speeds get faster some devices are unable to utilise the full speeds over the Wi-Fi network. When the speeds exceed what the device's capabilities are then a few factors come into play regarding Wi-Fi speeds such as, but not limited to, the amount of antennae your device e.g. phone/tablet/laptop has, the number of local devices connected to the hub and the number of neighbouring networks in the area.  Some older devices are limited in terms of the maximum Wi-Fi speed they can handle, this is also true for some newer devices.  Some devices will struggle to reach the full 900MB + speed available on BT’s Full Fibre 900 plan



Does the Smart Hub 2 use Wi-Fi6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard and we’re working hard to incorporate this into our next generation of hubs.



Why do I see variable speeds on the MY BT Speed tester?

Using our speed tester over Wi-Fi may give different speed readings. A speed test over Wi-Fi is dependent on good signal, the speed a device is capable of using over Wi-Fi and the number of other connected devices on the network at the same time. We recommend running any speed test using a wired connection.




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Re: Fibre 900 - speeds all over the place

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the update. 

Even when I have everything disconnected from the SH2 or 3rd party router, I'm only able to achieve speeds of c350. I have wireless cards cable of 4gbps in most devices, and each is only able to achieve around 350.

I have had openreach engineers out, who actually diagnosed 2 issues for me:

1) There is a speed issue within the outer network. When these guys ran tests they were only capable of achieving 450mbps.

2) There is a faulty fibre cable in the inner network giving a reading of -27

So regardless of point 2, there is a speed restriction within the network anyway, which needs resolving. Would be good if you can pass this back to your team to have someone look.

Good to hear you're looking at WiFi 6. It would also be good if there could be a firmware update to uncouple 2.4 and 5ghz. Having those options both on and a device select the most appropriate is painful.

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