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Fibre 900

Hello, I have had fibre 900 since Monday 18th, the speeds are all over the place, even connected direct via a cat6 the speeds vary from 400-870 (not very happy as my 300 was rock solid) and upload is still stuck at 30Mb which was the upload for the old 300Mb package I was on instead of 110Mb.  The download speeds are being investiagted by the faults dept but can the Mod help me with the upload speed? Think an update needs sent to the hub but already seem to be on Firmware version:v0.17.01.12301-BT??? Not very happy with the new service at all. Many thanks

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Re: Fibre 900

I am in a similar situation download speeds are varying form 26mb to 400mb - sometimes 450mb. When i do a speed test on bt's site it doesn't work, just says it cant do a speed test on  the line.

"Sorry, we weren't able to test your speed, if you'd like help with anything else please text HELP followed by your landline number to 61998 (e.g. HELP 02033458573), or give us a call on 0800" 

i don't even have a landline.

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Re: Fibre 900

You’re firmware version sounds like the latest, mines was checked by the FTTP team and is also v0.17.01.12301.

Im in a similar situation to you except stuck on the Fibre 500 upload speeds.

You could try the FTTP team to check the profile on your hub.

Its very frustrating their top package is having these problems.

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Re: Fibre 900

You’re by no means alone in this. I’m getting the full upload with the SH2 but my download speed is all over the place from 300-600 . Nowhere near the 900. I’ll be calling them again tomorrow.

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Re: Fibre 900

You could try the procedure I put in thread BT Fibre 900 Upgrade / Smart Hub 2 upload throttling #207 to see if it helps you. It was provided by the FTTP team but it didn’t help in my case. Best of luck if you try it, I hope it helps.

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Re: Fibre 900

Mines been in 6 months still the same, engineer cam a third one and said “it’s a software issue, our end with speed test sites, your getting the speeds don’t worry about it!” WTF if I don’t get it soon ombudsman has asked me to send my documents, been testing speeds and screen shooting on three devices, wired and non wired for 6 months.

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Re: Fibre 900

Daily tests being screen shot

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Re: Fibre 900

Don't bother with wireless ones, there's too many variables.

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